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Direct connections

KIT Finance Broker offers the opportunity to connect to the Moscow and RTS Exchanges via the direct exchange gates Plasa II and the Moscow Exchange gate – according to FIX and FAST protocols – to private investors and professional stock market participants, including those using an algorithmic trading system.

Connecting to the FORTS market via the PLAZA II gate makes it possible to: 

  • Dramatically increase the speed of data exchange with the Exchange thanks to direct hook-up to Exchange infrastructure 
  • Optimize productivity level (number of transactions per second) Receive market information directly from the exchange-infrastructure segment and send transactions directly to the Exchange’s trading system 
  • Receive a full, anonymized order log of all trading-session orders. 

Clients of KIT Finance Broker have the capability of executing operations on the FORTS and RTS Standard markets by connecting its own external software and hardware tools using the FIX protocol

Connecting to the RTS market via the FAST protocol makes it possible to receive real-time information on exchange trading and the instruments cleared for trading on the exchange, government bonds and price limits, market volatility and theoretical option price. The FAST protocol also makes it possible to reduce information-receipt delays, minimize message-loss risk and access cleared messages in the channel.